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Assigning a COI national code to all papers accepted in the conference
A national code will be assigned to all papers accepted in this conference. COI code is a Civilica ID given to documents. It is a code which is allocated to national conference- and journal papers when doing indexing on Civilica's document-oriented database. COI means a national code for indexed documents,and as it is a unique and fixed code,it can always be tracked and cited.
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Indexing papers which are accepted in Civilica website and on National Content Consortium Database
It is hereby to inform authors that this conference is officially supported and confirmed by Civilica (professional publisher of nationwide conferences). Therefore,after authors' registration,all accepted papers will be published in Civilica website,and will be recorded and indexed with authors' names on National Content Consortium Database. Additionally,a number of selected papers will be published in reputable scientific journals of ISI and ISC.
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Architecture and Urbanism
Construction and urban renewal
Green spaces and urban environment
Traffic and urban transport
Geography and Urban Planning
Urban Economy and Management
Distressed areas and Squatter Settlements
Crisis management and urban security
Tourism,urban identity and cultural heritage
Society,culture and urban identity
Repair of historical contexts and works

Other new ideas in the field of architecture and Urbanism
- Issuing a Certificate of Acceptance and Paper Presentation,and sending it to authors

- Sending a compact disk (CD) of Conference Proceeding to all authors

- Publishing paper full texts on Conference Proceeding CD

- Assigning a COI national code to all papers accepted in the conference

- Publishing and indexing accepted papers in Civilica website and on National Content Consortium database

- Publishing conference-selected papers in conference supportive  journals

- Printing a security number and hologram on every issued certificates

- Laminating all Certificates of Acceptance

- Announcing the result of judgment of manuscripts no more than 7 days after receiving manuscripts

- Offering the advantage of early judgment as well as issuing and sending a temporary Certificate of Acceptance before the conference is held

- Sending participants' documents via (express) mail